Housing Program


  • Must be in long term recovery and have 8+ months clean-proven.
  • Have inpatient or outpatient program completed
    • If outpatient only, must have 1yr + clean
  • Have verifiable income to cover fees and possible expenses.
  • Have verifiable insurance for any children on property
    • Only one child per parent, under 9 years of age.
    • Verified daycare
  • If parents have insurance, they qualify for Wellness program covered most insurances accepted, but will still be out of pocket cost pending provider?
  • All bills paid
    • However, monthly cap will be for gas, water and electrical.
    • If member goes over cap, they are responsible for remainder.
  • $650 Program fees.
  • Must have 2 meetings per week.
  • Verified sponsor and/or recovery coach by staff.
  • If attending school, must have verified enrollments and part time job with an expense plan to be gone over.
  • Deposit-$150.00
  • Bi-weekly home checks to ensure cleanliness and no property damage to the homes.
  • No overnight guest.
  • All visitors must be approved by staff and roommate. With a staff check for the protection of all residents and staff.
    • Children can visit but must have insurance on file.
  • All members are required to have food stamps, or income to meet their food and supplies needs.
  • Apartments are not furnished; however, we are partnered with the Houston Furniture Bank. If we furnish there will be a repayment or temporary lease plan to assist client.


Next page

  • Look into people with CPS and/or Probation cases and what or if we need to be certified
  • Random drug testing/ breathalyzers
  • Come up with a cleanliness-criteria for all units and outside areas
  • Waiver of liability for injury
  • Policy for keys, no extra sets made ($15.00 fee)
  • No paraphernalia, use, alcohol, or vaping (inside)
    • All cigarettes and vaping outside must have butt can
  • Gates close at
    • 10pm Mon – Thur
    • 11pm Fri – Sun
  • No kids over 9yrs
  • No guest even in bedrooms



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